This is the Hereafter
Three towns, eight stories. Browse around (and hopefully laugh a little) as you learn about the residents and experience their amusing adventures.


I’m not entirely sure what this means (・_・ヾ


I love Vesta so much. She is freakin adorable.
This is my favorite style to draw sheep in. Lots of swirls and wool, and making them look like they’re full of love. <3

I’m gonna be practicing on Illustrator more often so I can get ready for school. c:

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Today was Yay Day in my ACWW game, and Tangy wanted to know what I thought of her. I just gave it to her straight and said she was an orange…she somehow really liked hearing that.


nothing special but i like this little area :)

#too cute!
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don’t lie to us.


This was from my first town.  I kinda miss that monkey.


fishing with my favorite pink tiger

limn - to depict or describe in painting or words

Originally a barren forest, the mushrooms and flowers emerged as she had; with her arrival, so did the rain. There are rumors about her true identity, but it doesn’t matter much to us anymore.

It started when she decided to take the train one night and ended up here. We ourselves hadn’t a name for the town we all recognized as home, but she knew exactly. Soon after, the clouds rolled in and her presence left us anew. From where she came from or what reason, we’ve never asked. We just hope the rain’s passing doesn’t mean hers as well.

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